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Single women on PBdate can simply turn on their cameras for you to view their live chat broadcast

Each lady has online indicator "on Air", which means that you can just tap on her icon to start communication directly in your chat and view video anywhere your phone is available whether it is Iphone or Android device. You can always ask your partner or any girl on site to get "on Air" whenever she has free time. We do care for your privacy and security so only verified women can show themselves on camera.

Video chat broadcast is an ultimate way to get the direct communication that you can build only talking face to face. Now you can do it online in PBdate app. Entering a chat room and viewing girls’ video online is free of charge so you can watch ladies as long as you want before making a first step in communication. If you already managed to find a partner on PBdate simply ask your lady to find time and turn her camera on so you could enjoy private moment of special videochat connection.

The overall statistic shows that couples, who are using the video broadcast feature meet 27% faster than before, continuing real meetings and even inventing special games for each other on camera according to feedback of our clients. Seeing your partner gives you an essential feeling of being close to your lady, which is a basement for successful relationship. We do care for your experience and always try to improve our system abilities, bringing you and giving a chance to have real presence in life of your partner.

You see girls video broadcast either in chat of application or on desktop version.


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